Black Books Launch Webinar


Announcing the publication of C. G. Jung’s The Black Books 1913-1932: Notebooks of Transformation, edited by Sonu Shamdasani, translated by Martin Liebscher, John Peck and Sonu Shamdasani, Philemon Series, W. W. Norton & Company.

In 1913, C.G. Jung started a self-experiment that he called his “confrontation with the unconscious”: an engagement with his fantasies, which he charted in The Black Books. The Red Book drew on material recorded therein to 1916 but Jung continued to write in them. The Black Books shed light on the elaboration of Jung’s personal cosmology and his attempts to embody insights from his self-investigation into his life and relationships. The Black Books offers a unique portal into Jung’s mind and the making of analytical psychology.

To mark the launch of work, there will be a presentation by Professor Sonu Shamdasani on Sunday 18 October from 2pm to 4pm (Eastern Daylight Time, USA).

Tickets: $30. Click Here to Book

Foundation Donors (except those in Canada) may purchase the book at the full author’s discount of 50% plus shipping. To place an order, contact Christopher Rodrigues at