New Publication and Launch Webinar 8 May 2022

Here for the first time in English are Jung’s introductory lectures on analytical psychology, delivered in the summer of 1934. These form the second series of his lectures at ETH Zurich, coming to his own work, from his overview of the history of modern psychology in the first series. With candor and wit, Jung shares with his audience the path he himself took to understanding the nature of consciousness and the unconscious. He describes their respective characteristics using examples from his clinical experience as well as from literature, his travels, and everyday life. Complete with a contextual introduction and detailed notes and scholarly apparatus, Consciousness and the Unconscious painstakingly reconstructs and translates these talks from detailed shorthand notes by attendees, making a critical part of Jung’s work available to today’s readers.

Join us for the launch webinar, with panel presentations from John Beebe, Ernst Falzeder and Sonu Shamdasani, followed by discussion.

Tickets: $30. To register, click here.