Upcoming Webinar: 16 June

16 June 2024

From Phrygia to Egypt: Jung’s Philemon & the Ancient World ~ A Presentation by Dr. Fabiana Lopes da Silveira 

| 7 PM British Standard Time | 2 PM Eastern Daylight Time |

Although the prominence of Greco-Roman mythology and literature in Jung’s works is widely acknowledged, it has received surprisingly little critical and systematic attention throughout the years. The recent publication of Jung’s Red Book and Black Books, however, provides a new opportunity for scholars to explore Jung’s complex and wide-ranging relationship with the ancient world. One of the Red Book’s most intriguing figures in this regard is certainly Philemon, a benevolent peasant from Phrygia turned suspicious gatekeeper of magical wisdom. Jung’s refiguration of Philemon in the Red Book illustrates his engagement not only with the models from Ovid’s Metamorphoses and Goethe’s Faust, but also with Greco-Egyptian magical, alchemical and Hermetic writings, as well as classical scholarship dedicated to them. This seminar intends to investigate how Jung’s ever-changing relationship with Philemon relates both
to Jung’s psychological research prior to his first encounter with this figure and to the path it followed afterwards, especially in relation to the archetype of the ‘wise old man’. 

Dr Fabiana Lopes da Silveira is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the State University of Campinas (Brazil), where she is working on “Jung, the Philologist: The role of Classical Philology in the Foundations of Analytical Psychology”. Her monograph on Greco-Egyptian Alchemy is forthcoming from Oxford University Press.

This public webinar will be free for all who have donated $50 or more since 2023. To register, send an email to info@philemonfoundation.org. For others, webinar tickets are $30 — click here.

Ticket purchases do not confer donor status. For copyright reasons, no recordings are made.

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