What is the Philemon Series

The Philemon Series is the name for the largely unpublished works by C. G. Jung that are now being brought to publication with the financial support of the Philemon Foundation.
The foundation is a non-profit organization that pays scholars, translators and editors to prepare these works for publication. The foundation receives no royalties from the publications of the Philemon Series and depends entirely on donations. Under the general editorship of Dr. Sonu Shamdasani, the Philemon Series consists of three streams of publications: Jung’s unpublished manuscripts, seminars, and personal correspondences (totaling as many as 35,000 unpublished letters). The work is carried out in collaboration and contractual agreement with the Stiftung der Werke von C. G. Jung (The Foundation of the Works of C. G. Jung), the charitable successor to the Society of Heirs of C. G. Jung. Jung is one of the most significant, well-known, and controversial figures in the history of psychology and modern culture, yet the understanding of his thought rests on a textual corpus that at present is incomplete and also flawed. The Philemon Series now makes available to scholars, clinicians and the general reading public the fuller body of Jung’s work.
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