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Jung, Dada, the mandala and the art of the insane

Sept 3 2015 at 10am: Philemon Editor Sonu Shamdasani lecture at the IAAP Art and Psyche Conference, Sicily, Italy
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While it is widely believed that the bulk of Jung’s work has been published, this is far from being the case. Unbeknownst to most people, an enormous body of Jung’s work remains unpublished to this day.

Published Works

  • Jung Contra Freud, Philemon
  • Introduction to Jungian psychology, Philemon
  • Jung Dream Interpretation, Philemon
  • Jung The Question of Psychological Types, Philemon
  • Jung Children's Dreams, Philemon
  • Jung-White Letters, Philemon
  • Jung Red Book, Philemon
  • Analytical Psychology in Exile
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