The Jung-White Letters

Edited by Ann Conrad Lammers and Adrian Cunningham, with consulting editor Murray Stein


The Jung-White Letters charts fifteen years of correspondence between C. G. Jung and Victor White, an English Dominican priest and theologian. The dialogue between the two provides valuable insights into the development of Jung’s thought and the relationship between psychology and religion.

Jung hoped that his correspondence with White would help him to reinterpret the classic Christian symbols, and White sought Jung’s support with his project to integrate analytical psychology into Catholic theology. Although both Jung and White were committed to a productive collaboration, the letters trace a trajectory toward a crisis of misunderstanding and betrayal, culminating in a sharpening of disagreements after publication of Jung’s Answer to Job.

The letters are presented with attention to authenticity, and Jung’s previously published letters have been restored to their original style. The text is helpfully annotated throughout with historical, literary, and personal references.

A wealth of editorial material is also included to set the letters in context, including an authoritative memoir of Victor White. Jung’s engagement with White was an essential dialogue that contributed importantly to Jung’s late writings, forcing him to refine his critique of classical theology. This volume will be of great interest to Jungian analysts, psychoanalysts and psychotherapists, and anyone interested in investigating the complex relationship between analytical psychology and religion.


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Routledge, London/ New York
Cloth, 2007, $80.00
ISBN: 9781583911945
416 pages, 6 × 9, 12 illustrations

Ann Conrad Lammers is a psychotherapist in private practice in Vermont, USA, and author of In God’s Shadow: The Collaboration of Victor White and C. G. Jung. Adrian Cunningham was a founding member of the Department of Religious Studies at Lancaster University, where he lectured on Freud, Jung, and religion from 1967–2000. Murray Stein is a former president of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (2001–4), a training analyst at the International School for Analytical Psychology in Zurich, Switzerland, and author of Jung’s Treatment of Christianity, and the editor of Jung on Evil and Jung on Christianity.

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