Newsletter: Jung History

The Philemon Foundation was founded at the end of 2003, and since this time, has made critical contributions to a number of ongoing projects preparing for publication the still unpublished works of C. G. Jung. The Foundation is grateful to its donors who have made this work possible. Jung History, which will appear occasionally, will provide accounts of some of the ongoing research supported by the Philemon Foundation and other news.

In addition to scholars funded by the Philemon Foundation, Jung History will present reports of significant historical research and publications in the field. In recent years, an increasing amount of new historical research on C. G. Jung has been undertaken, based on the study of hitherto unknown primary materials. However, the publication of such research has been widely dispersed, which has led to the desirability of a publication to gather together such work and make it better known. Jung History sets out to fill this need.

Jung History is available for download:
Volume 1 Issue 1
Volume 1 Issue 2
Volume 2, Issue 1
Volume 2, Issue 2

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The Editors
Sonu Shamdasani, Editor
Michael Whan, Consulting Editor
Eugene Taylor, Consulting Editor